Long, full lashes are synonymous with youth. Thin lashes that lack vitality, fullness and depth of colour were once a genetically determined reality, that is until a prescription treatment made it possible to grow fuller, longer and darker lashes at home. It’s time to loose the falsies and say goodbye to uncomfortable lash-damaging adhesives for good.

Visible Effects

Full, dark and long lashes give the eyes an uplifted and rejuvenated appearance. When lashes are short and thin, aging concerns such as dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles are more noticeable.

Underlying Causes

There are medical conditions and medications that can lead to thinning lashes. In other cases, aging causes the hair germ cells to die, therefore fewer lashes are produced and lashes appear thinner.


Oakville Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skincare is dedicated to providing safe and effective solutions for your lash concerns. A thorough consultation will assess the lash treatment best suited to your unique condition.

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