The skin of the lips is among the thinnest and most delicate on the body. Lips contain few melanocyte cells, which give skin its colour and UV protection, and do not contain sweat glands, which creates moisture loss and dryness. These factors make the lips especially vulnerable to environmental stresses from sunlight, pollution and cold and dry climates. Additionally, repeated lip movements from both verbal and non-verbal expressions and food consumption can contribute to a variety of aging concerns around the mouth.

Visible Effects

Aging around the lips can include an obscured vermilion border (lip line), volume loss, fine lines and deep wrinkles (both over the lips and around the mouth).

Underlying Causes

Sun damage and oxidative stress from lifestyle choices and environmental stressors lead to declining collagen stores in the skin. With fewer collagen fibres present, the lip line loses its definition, lip volume is reduced, and expression lines appear and deepen.


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