From small scrapes and scratches to deep cuts, acne remnants and surgical scars, our skin can be left with reminders of injuries past and they may affect how we feel about our appearance in the present.

Visible Effects

Scars are unique. They range in size and shape depending on the depth and extent of the skin injury. Keloid scars commonly appear after a skin injury. These scars appear as fibrous whitish marks that can be both flat and raised. Acne scars present as pitted and atrophic scars, which cause an uneven and marked skin texture. Post-inflammatory pigmentation can leave a purplish or red discolouration once a blemish or injury has healed.

Underlying Causes

When a skin injury occurs, white blood cells rush to the injury site to begin the healing process. In the case of pigmented scars, melanocytes (the cells that produce pigment in the skin) accompany the white blood cells, producing and distributing the melanin that leaves a purple or red mark after healing. In the case of pitted or atrophic scars, the inflammation from severe acne blemishes breaks down the collagen fibres resulting in textural scarring. For keloid scars, the opposite response occurs; connective tissue is over-produced in healing, resulting in a fibrous scar.


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