The circulatory system carries out its functions largely unseen beneath the skin’s surface. In some cases however, the veins and vessels that carry out these complex functions can become visible and unsightly.

Visible Effects

When the tiny capillaries located in the dermis become dilated, the blood that normally flows in and out of the vessel stays put. The thin, thread-like vessels are then visible on the skin’s surface, appearing as small clusters of redness or large patches of ruddy skin. These can appear on the face, chest, arms and legs. In the case of the veins containing deoxygenated blood, they appear as dark green, blue and purple vessels below the skin’s surface. They are most often visible around the eyes, temples, hands and legs.

Underlying Causes

Sun damage, injuries to the skin and aging can cause these veins and vessels to stop functioning correctly. Once the vessel walls lose their elasticity and the valves become weak, the blood pools and remains in the vein or capillary. This pooling is what classifies varicose or dilated veins. As the skin ages and thins, the network of veins and vessels becomes more visible even when they are functioning correctly.


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