Wrinkles are one of the first signs of aging that catch our attention. Fortunately, modern aesthetic medicine offers effective and accessible cosmetic treatments to address the various types of wrinkles that make us look older than we feel.

Visible Effects

Dynamic wrinkles commonly form where repeated facial expressions occur, usually around the eyes, mouth and forehead. These wrinkles tend to form deep and straight lines on the skin. Static wrinkles can appear anywhere on the face and body, and are characterized by fine and deep lines which at times form a crosshatch pattern on the skin. The surface of the skin loses its youthful smooth texture wherever wrinkles are present.

Underlying Causes

Sun damage and the natural deceleration in the skin’s cell renewal process leads to the degradation of the collagen fibres that keep our skin taut and firm. In the case of dynamic wrinkles, repeated facial expressions cause facial muscles to become rigid and stiff, drawing the slackened skin inwards to form a deep wrinkle. In the case of static wrinkles, the latter stages of collagen loss, combined with shrinking adipose and muscle tissue, results in the skin becoming loose, and leads to the formation of lines and folds.


Oakville Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skincare is dedicated to providing safe and effective solutions for your wrinkle concerns. A thorough consultation will assess the wrinkle treatment best suited to your unique condition.

Non-Surgical Solutions
Surgical Solutions
Clinical Peels
Brow Lift
Dermal Fillers
Eye Lift (Blepharoplasty)
Fotofacial RF® (IPL)
Nd:YAG Laser