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The truth about injectables.

Insights from Cheryl, our Expert Nurse Injector!


February is a time for love!

Ready for a new perspective? Show yourself some love this month by enhancing your features and beautifying your appearance. We love injectables because they can enhance your natural beauty in a way that brings you new confidence. 

Our Nurse Injector Cheryl is passionate about skillful injectable treatments that let you feel like your best self. We asked Cheryl all your pressing questions about injectables to explore her wealth of expertise and experience! 

Here’s what we learned.


Hi Cheryl! 

So what’s the best thing about injectable treatments?
What I love most about injectable treatments is seeing the clients react after a treatment; that moment when I’ve completed the injection and a client – who was frustrated or emotionally stuck on something that distracted them about their appearance – sees themselves for the first time. Nothing compares to the moment when someone looks at themselves in the mirror and is so satisfied with their appearance for what, to some, can feel like the first time. It’s a beautiful moment to be a part of! 

What do you wish people knew about injectables?
I really and truly wish people would understand that they are not paying for a syringe, they are hiring an injector. It only takes 24 hours of training to become a certified injector. Choosing a skilled and experienced injector is extremely important.

What sort of training do you do to keep up your skills?
This spring I will be completing Year 6 of my MD Dyna Codes Certification. This specific certification has been a game-changer for me. Last year in California I was certified with the Aesthetic Blueprint!  Every month or so I continue to participate in other types of training including webinars, cadaver labs, and hands-on training right here at Oakville Plastic Surgery to advance my skills even further.

Tell us a bit about yourself. What brought you to the aesthetic field?
When I first went back to school to study nursing, I wanted to be an O.R. nurse. I believed that if I was certified in injectables, I would be marketable to a plastic surgeon.  Today, I wouldn’t even dream of changing my position! I love it.

What has kept you passionately engaged in the aesthetic field?
The more I learn, the more I am engaged – because it creates endless possibilities to what can be achieved for clients. 

What do you love most about your job?
I love that we have such a strong team of experts at OPS. Sometimes a client comes in with a particular issue that is best resolved surgically, and I can bring Dr. de Kleer into the room to explore alternatives and continue the conversation. Having such a skilled team with multifaceted areas of expertise means that we have a wide range of solutions to offer our clients.

 What’s your favourite treatment at OPS?
❤️❤️❤️❤️Hyaluronic acid fillers!

 Is there anything else you’re especially passionate about?
I would love to work with clients who are transitioning or considering a new gender identity. Injectables can be an incredibly empowering way for someone to enhance more masculine or feminine features as part of building a new physical self that represents who they truly are. I’d love to be part of this journey for patients who wish they could see a face that better represents their gender identity when they look in the mirror! 

Curious about what injectables could do for you? Book a consultation with Cheryl today and let’s take a step towards your aesthetic vision together.

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