Inverted Nipples

The skin of the nipples is normally soft and flat, but becomes firm when stimulated. For some people, an inverted nipple(s) develops during or after puberty. This results in the nipple not responding to stimulation and remaining flat or tethered. Having one or both nipples inverted can cause emotional distress and can negatively impact body image. Surgical correction for inverted nipples is an in-office procedure. In the case where a nipple(s) becomes inverted later in life, it is important to rule out any underlying health condition.

Body Procedures


Oakville Plastic Surgery is committed to providing the highest level of care and safety to its patients. Plastic surgeon Dr. Nancy de Kleer will thoroughly assess your condition and conduct a general health assessment to determine treatment candidacy. The administration of a local anaesthetic will be discussed and explained prior to your procedure. Our team of highly skilled professionals take every measure to ensure you’re fully informed and prepared for both pre- and post-surgical care.


How It Works

A small incision is made at the base of the areola. The tiny bands of tissue that are causing the inversion are then released. Dissolvable stitches are put in place to allow for the skin to heal. Dr. Nancy de Kleer and her team utilize the latest approaches and surgical techniques to achieve the best possible outcome.


If only one nipple requires correction, some asymmetry may result from the procedure. The nipple will remain erect after surgery with the possibility of lost sensation or hindrance with breast-feeding. Some swelling is to be expected, which subsides within a week. Dr. de Kleer will help you establish reasonable timelines and expectations for recovery. Recovery from this procedure is relatively fast with the skin healing within one to two weeks. Patients can return to regular activities within a few days.

Number of Treatments


Treatment Time

1-2 hours

Average Treatment Frequency


Average Recovery Time

1-2 days