Belkyra® (fat lipolysis ) Double Chin Treatment

Belkyra®, also known as fat lipolysis, is a treatment for a condition commonly known as "double chin". We only have to look to our relatives to see how the signs of aging will manifest for us. One such change that is generally misunderstood is the dreaded double chin. Submental (chin) fat is often hereditary and can accumulate regardless of one’s weight. Fortunately, a recent breakthrough development in cosmetic medicine has presented a non-surgical solution for Oakville and Southern Ontario patients who are troubled by this aesthetic concern. Allow us to introduce you to Belkyra®.

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Following a personal consultation with one of our experienced injectors, your Belkyra® (fat lipolysis) treatment begins with the application of a gridded pattern underneath the chin and jawline, which maps out the injection site for precise delivery of the Belkyra® treatment. No incisions or medical devices are required for this completely non-invasive chin fat reduction treatment.


How It Works

Belkyra®, also known as fat lipolysis, is a medicated injectable treatment that targets fat cells that accumulate under the chin. A precise dose of a medicated treatment breaks down the fat cells, releasing their contents in order to be processed and expelled by the body over a period of weeks following the procedure. A series of treatments can yield an improved facial profile without the need for surgery.


Patients can anticipate swelling and minor discomfort lasting 7 to 10 days over the double chin area as the medicated treatment acts on the unwanted fat. Over this recovery time, the contours of the chin and jawline are steadily refined to reveal a defined and pleasing profile.

Treatment Area


Treatment Time

30 minutes

Average Recovery Time

1-2 weeks of swelling and tenderness

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