At Oakville Plastic Surgery, one of our most popular treatments for skin tightening and contouring is Thermage®. While Thermage® works on most parts of the body, it is especially effective when it comes to loose or saggy skin on the face, mainly around the eyes and jawline/cheeks. Thermage® treatment is a conveniently quick and non-invasive procedure that will leave you with natural looking, tighter and smoother skin. Thermage® improves the overall skin tone, texture, and tightness giving the patient a more youthful and sexier appearance.



Thermage® is a safe, non-invasive, quick procedure suitable for all patients. At Oakville Plastic Surgery, Thermage® treatments typically take approximately 2 hours, however, only one session is needed and the results will last for years! Patients are encouraged to return every 2-3 years to maintain results. After the treatment patients experience no downtime and can return to work immediately with a more youthful appearance!


How It Works

Thermage® treatment works wonders for tighter and smoother skin. Using radio frequency technology, Thermage® heats up the deeper collagen and richer layers of skin. The waves of heat then cause the collagen to diminish therefore opening the door for new collagen to start growing, which ultimately helps create healthier, tighter, and smoother skin.


Thermage® patients will see immediate results in their skin texture and laxity even though there will be no obvious signs that a treatment has occurred. Patients will experience no downtime or recovery time and will be available to return to work or play immediately.

Treatment Area

Face, eyes, abdominals

Treatment Time

120 minutes

Average Recovery Time


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