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Moles | Oakville Plastic Surgery – Dr. Nancy de Kleer

Moles are one of the most distinctive physical attributes that make us unique. They can be a good part of our identity, such as that signature beauty mark, or less favourable, like when they distract from our appearance, or worse, when melanoma arises.


Visible Effects

Moles can be varied in their size, shape, colour and placement on our skin. Moles can appear pinkish or skin toned, various shades of brown and even black. Their shape can be round, oval and at times, odd. These unique marks can be denoted as beautiful or unpleasing depending on their location, shape and size. For the latter, mole removal is desirable for cosmetic reasons or in the case of a cancerous lesion, required for health reasons.


Underlying Causes

Moles can be congenital (present at birth) or appear over time as the result of sun exposure, which causes a proliferation of melanocytes (pigmented cells).


Oakville Plastic Surgery is dedicated to providing safe and effective solutions for your mole concerns. A thorough consultation will assess the mole treatment best suited to your unique condition.

Non-Surgical Solutions

Surgical Solutions

  • Excision

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