Eyelash Enhancements

One of the simplest ways to achieve youthful-looking eyes is by maintaining long, full and dark lashes. The challenge is that as the eyelash follicles age, the lashes become thinner, shorter and fairer. If we have fine and short lashes to begin with, we may feel we’re already at a deficit. The good news is that a safe and effective prescription eyelash enhancement treatment such as LATISSE® can help you realize all-natural, covetable lashes in just a few weeks.

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A professional consultation will determine your candidacy for an at-home eyelash enhancement treatment such as LATISSE®. Our medical aesthetician will explain how to safely administer your lash enhancement treatment with your nightly skincare regimen.


How It Works

This at-home treatment is very safe when applied correctly. In some cases lash line irritation may occur. Oakville Plastic Surgery will ensure that you are fully informed on how to safely and effectively apply the eyelash enhancement treatment at home.


The eyelash enhancement treatment contains a medicinal ingredient that is believed to prolong the anagen (growth) phase of the lashes. This additional growth time results in longer, fuller, darker and more robust lashes. Results arise over a period of weeks with continual nightly use.

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