Breast Asymmetry

The human body has what is known as bilateral symmetry, whereby one side of the body mirrors the other. That being said, it is quite common for corresponding features and body parts to differ in size. Such is the case with breast asymmetry: a common concern for many women. Asymmetries between breasts can apply to their shape, height, position and size, with these variations ranging from a few centimetres to a few cup sizes. Breast surgery can help restore balance between the breasts.

Breast Implants


Oakville Plastic Surgery is committed to providing the highest level of care and safety to its patients. Plastic surgeon Dr. Nancy de Kleer will thoroughly assess your condition and conduct a general health assessment to determine treatment candidacy. Surgical procedures are performed in a fully accredited surgical facility. The administration of a general anaesthetic will be discussed and explained prior to your procedure. Our team of highly skilled professionals take every measure to ensure you’re fully informed and prepared for both pre and post-surgical care.


How It Works

Surgery for breast asymmetry may require more than one surgical technique, which can include lifting, enlarging, reducing or changing the shape of a breast. Different procedures may be required for each breast to achieve the desired balance. Dr. Nancy de Kleer and her team utilize the latest approaches and surgical techniques to achieve improved breast symmetry.


Redness, swelling and bruising can occur around the surgical site, which can last for several days. Supportive garments and pain medication will help to relieve discomfort and support healing. There will be surgical scars after a breast procedure, but every measure is taken to minimize their visibility. Scars generally fade after several months. Dr. de Kleer will help you establish reasonable timelines and expectations for recovery. Regular work and social activities can be resumed within a few days.

Number of Treatments

1 or more if the procedure is performed in stages

Treatment Time

Varies according to the individual

Average Treatment Frequency


Average Recovery Time

7-14 days