Staff | Oakville Plastic Surgery – Dr. Nancy de Kleer

Dr. Nancy de Kleer, MD FRCSC

Director & Plastic Surgeon “Plastic surgery is about empowering patients. Whether recovering from an accident, a chronic condition, or a cosmetic concern, plastic surgery has a way of enhancing self-esteem. It’s a balance between form and function; it’s detailed-orientated and artistic. The term plastic surgery is derived from the Greek ‘to mold’. It has an […]

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Medical Administrator Molly is our medical administrator and in-house extrovert. Born and raised in Ohio, Molly earned her medical administration degree from Boheckers Business College. Before joining the Oakville Plastic Surgery team in 2010, Molly worked at the Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio as patient coordinator. Known around the office for her […]

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