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glo minerals for spring.

Update your makeup routine with new spring collection kits. It’s time to turn your spring cleaning frenzy towards your medicine cabinet. It’s a good practice to go through your skincare and makeup products–discarding anything that has passed its sell-by date. Applying an ‘out with the old and in with the new approach’ makes the process […]

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March Break Skincare Guide

Snow or sun, these are our product picks for spring break. Spring break spells welcome relief from the daily grind and an opportunity to hit the slopes or escape the Ontario winter all together. Whatever your plans entail, there are some key steps to take in order to keep your skin tip-top. Sun protection knows […]

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Your back to school beauty guide.

How to get back to reality, beautifully. September is usually a mad dash for everyone, regardless of whether or not you have kids, or you’re in school yourself. With the long summer days coming to a close, we find ourselves stepping back into routine—and the simpler and more effective we can make those routines, the […]

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Your summer heat beauty survival guide.

Keep that summer glow…leave the sun damage. While we love the beautiful summer weather, we could live without the midday melt that happens within minutes of leaving an air-conditioned haven. Luckily, we have some insider tips that can help you beat the heat and look your best all day long. Getting a sunless bronzed glow, […]

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glo minerals | makeup that does more.

Achieving healthy and vibrant skin is something many of us aspire to. In the process of reaching this goal, most of us look to skincare and professional treatments (such as clinical peels, neuromodulators and laser resurfacing) to improve and maintain optimal skin health, but we often overlook the role that makeup plays. We want to […]

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