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March Break Skincare Guide

Snow or sun, these are our product picks for spring break.

Spring break spells welcome relief from the daily grind and an opportunity to hit the slopes or escape the Ontario winter all together. Whatever your plans entail, there are some key steps to take in order to keep your skin tip-top.

Sun protection knows no season.

We stress to our patients the importance of wearing sunscreen every day, rain or shine. This is an important step to prevent the premature aging caused by damaging UVA rays that penetrate glass, clouds and smoke. An important consideration we don’t often delve into is how surfaces like water, glass, sand and snow reflect light back at our skin, effectively doubling our exposure to these harmful rays. That’s why wearing SPF protection on the snowy slopes is just as important as when you’re hitting the beach. We highly recommend the TIZO® range of suncare products, which are free of chemical sunscreens, preservatives, oils, fragrances, and PABA. These photostable (ie: they do not break down in sunlight) broad-spectrum sunscreens have a light and easy to apply texture—which cannot often be said of mineral-bases formulas. They are also highly water resistant (80 minutes).

  1. TIZO® 2 Facial Mineral Sunscreen Non-Tinted SPF 40 This facial mineral sunscreen is great for lighter skin tones and those with fair skin.
  2. TIZO® 3 Facial Mineral Sunscreen Tinted SPF 40 This tinted facial mineral sunscreen compliments most skin types and naturally evens the skin tone for the perfect no-makeup vacation look.
  3. TIZO® Solar Protection SPF 50+ For those requiring enhanced protection, this strong yet elegant formula is suitable for daily use. It leaves skin soft and smooth with a lightly tinted formula to subtly even out the skin tone.
  4. ZO® Medical by Obagi C-Bright 10% Vitamin C Serum This serum is the perfect antidote to the triggers that cause pigmentation—and when you’re on vacation, the biggest culprit is most likely the sun. In addition to providing powerful protection, this concentrated dose of stabilized vitamin C brightens the skin, enhances collagen production and improves skin texture for a dewy and vibrant glow.
  5. GloMinerals® Protecting Powder For some of us, time away is also a vacation from makeup, which we fully support! However, a little bronzer never hurt anyone—especially when it’s a skincare quality mineral cosmetic bronzer with added environmental and sun protection from glo minerals. For a seamless sun-kissed glow, dust on lightly to add color and additional sun protection.

With these gems in your cosmetic bag, you’ll come back from vacation looking as refreshed as you feel. To learn more, or to purchase any of the products from our spring break guide, we welcome you to visit us in store, or shop our online store where we offer free standard shipping on all purchases. Not sure about what to buy? We’re happy to answer any of your questions. Call 905.901.9545 or email [email protected].





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