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Love your legs this summer.

Rising hemlines are ubiquitous with summer. For those of us not blessed with supermodel legs (in other words, most of us), there may be some aesthetic concerns we’d like to address before we don our summer attire with abandon. In this article, we discuss treatments options that can help Oakville clients love their legs this […]

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Debunking breast enhancement myths.

male breast before and after

Cosmetic surgery is a big step for anyone to take and involves much thought and consideration before a commitment is made. The process of researching and determining if a particular procedure is right for you can be riddled with conflicting messages and misinformation. In this article, we focus on the most popular cosmetic procedure – […]

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What to expect from a Brazilian butt lift.

A growing trend in cosmetic enhancement is butt augmentation, also known as the Brazilian butt lift. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez have broadened beauty standards to include more curvaceous attributes – and now a round, plump derriere has become covetable. This beauty ideal is not realistic for those of us who may not have the genetic […]

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How surgery can address loose skin on the body.

Adipose tissue or fat is an important connective tissue in our body. It provides cushioning, protects our organs, provides energy and helps maintain our core body temperature in cold weather. Weight gain from pregnancy, hypothyroidism, menopause and lifestyle choices leads to the development of excess fat cells. Once we shed these excess pounds, our skin, […]

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