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The benefits of a breast lift.

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How a mastopexy can improve quality of life.

Aging changes that affect our face are something we come to expect, and often work towards preventing with healthy habits and a diligent skincare routine. However, there is not as much that we can do preventatively when it comes to the look of our breasts as we age. A variety of factors such as weight gain and weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding and genetics can affect the volume and positioning of the breasts, and generally, these changes are not for the better. The pull of gravity and diminished elasticity in the skin can cause the breasts to descend; at times this may also be accompanied by volume loss.

This progression can be upsetting for women experiencing this change in the appearance of their breasts, which play a prominent role in female body image. Furthermore, the loose and possibly heavy breast tissue can cause discomfort due to friction, supportive undergarments that dig into the skin, and the pressure of gravity’s pull on the back and shoulders. It should be noted that a women doesn’t necessarily have to have large breasts in order for them to sag or lose volume.

Surgery for sagging breasts.

Surgical intervention is the most safe and effective solution to alleviate the emotional and sometimes physical distress that arises from sagging breasts. Being unhappy with the appearance of one’s breasts need not be the inevitable result of aging and life changes. A consultation with a certified plastic surgeon will enlighten you to the modern surgical methods that yield beautifully natural-looking results with a breast lift—also known as mastopexy.

For some women, enhanced volume will be a part of their desired outcome. In these cases, either a breast implant or a fat transfer procedure will be undertaken to augment the breasts. For others, simply removing the excess skin, tightening the underlying tissues, and lifting the breasts is sufficient to achieve their aesthetic ideal.

Deciding to undergo surgery is not a decision to take lightly, and there are many factors to consider. At Oakville Plastic Surgery & Medspa, our resident plastic surgeon Dr. Nancy de Kleer is equipped with years of experience in both plastic and reconstructive breast surgery. Dr. de Kleer will take the time to recommend and explain your surgical options and help you come to a decision that is right for you. If you’re ready to explore the benefits of a breast lift, we welcome you to book a private, professional consultation with Dr. de Kleer. A nominal fee is charged for surgical consultations, which can be applied towards your selected surgery. Call 905.901.9545 or email [email protected] to arrange your appointment.

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