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Should You Get Surgery?

It’s the perfect time to plan a summer surgery. But is surgery right for you?  Maybe you’ve seen a friend undergo surgery with great results, or seen a procedure that seems like it could be a good fit for you. Surgery can be a life-changing and life-affirming choice, but it’s also a big decision. We’re […]

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A new year and a new you.

The top aesthetic goals for 2018. The new year is a time we typically take stock and set goals that will make our lives better. Often, these aspirations centre around being the best version of ourselves, inside and out. As experts in plastic surgery, medical aesthetics, laser therapy and skincare, it’s our privilege to help […]

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The benefits of a breast lift.

breast lift, mastopexy, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery

How a mastopexy can improve quality of life. Aging changes that affect our face are something we come to expect, and often work towards preventing with healthy habits and a diligent skincare routine. However, there is not as much that we can do preventatively when it comes to the look of our breasts as we […]

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The reality of plastic surgery recovery.

One of the realities that patients face when they are considering a plastic surgery procedure is the associated downtime and recovery period. While experiencing discomfort and taking time off of work to recover may not be wholly appealing, there are instances when this recovery period is actually less of a nuisance than the healing period […]

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The new Oakville Hospital

We’re excitedly anticipating the unveiling of the new Oakville hospital set for December 13, 2015. Dr. de Kleer conducts surgical procedures at the current hospital location, and will transition to the new hospital upon its opening. Our enthusiasm for this change lies in the enhanced patient care this new facility will provide: The design of […]

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What are my options for breast implants?

When considering breast augmentation, a common and important question that arises is what type of implant to choose. When making a change to your physical appearance, thoroughly exploring and weighing your options is a big part of the planning process. In this blog article, we share with Oakville patients what the options for breast implants […]

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Why liposuction is still a gold standard treatment.

With the advent of body contouring procedures such as Velashape, offering fat reduction without the downtime associated with surgery, is there still a place for liposuction? There are certainly circumstances where opting for a non-surgical solution is appropriate, such as when a small amount of unwanted fat is resistant to diet and exercise, or when […]

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