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Popular Questions about Tummy Tucks

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Get Answers to Your Tummy Tuck Questions

We often see patients at our Oakville clinic who are curious about what  a tummy tuck could do for them. That’s why we’re introducing this new blog series! Explore the possibilities of a tummy tuck and get answers to some of the most popular questions we hear at our Oakville clinic.

Why get a tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, is a body contouring procedure.  A tummy tuck removes excess skin and fat and tightens abdominal muscles for a smooth and flatter tummy.

Many of our abdominoplasty candidates have noticed bulges of skin or skin and fat on their abdomen as a result of life changes like weight loss, pregnancy, and aging. It may make them feel self-conscious in a bathing suit or in intimate situations, or even in clothing and can be frustrating especially when they’ve worked so hard exercising or losing weight. That’s why a tummy tuck can be such a rewarding surgery for the right candidate; it’s an effective way to surgically contour the body.

Is a tummy tuck right for me?


The best way to explore your options is to book an appointment with us. Based on your body type, goals, concerns, health, and medical history, we’ll build a unique treatment plan to address your concerns. This kind of body contouring surgery is not a remedy for obesity or weight loss. 


How do I choose a clinic for my abdominoplasty?

Choosing a surgical facility and surgical team is a personal, important choice. We love welcoming new patients and helping them meet their goals. We’re fully accredited as a surgical facility, with highly trained, skilled, experienced professionals who understand the nuances of each body type and the unique nature of each surgical procedure.  


Get to know your surgeon

You’ll find Dr. de Kleer personable and attentive to details. She loves getting to know her patients and ensuring excellent care at every step along the way. 

  • A board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. de Kleer has extensive training in both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. 
  • Born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Dr. de Kleer is committed to Ontario healthcare. She attended undergrad at the University of Western Ontario where she graduated with honours. 
  • Earning her medical degree (honours) from the University of Toronto, Dr. de Kleer was accepted into the prestigious plastic and reconstructive surgery residency program and continued her medical training with the University of Toronto. 
  • Following her five-year surgical residency, Dr. de Kleer remained in Toronto working as a trauma surgeon at St. Michael’s Hospital before opening the doors of Oakville Plastic Surgery in 2005.


Choose a specialist who can understand your perspective

As a female plastic surgeon, Dr. de Kleer has a distinctive perspective on women’s concerns and goals, as they relate to their appearance. She offers a genuine understanding of the questions and concerns both men and women address as they consider a plastic surgery procedure. Her advanced surgical techniques in both reconstructive and cosmetic treatments are strengthened by her genuine and caring manner. She is a skillful plastic surgeon committed to providing her patients with the best possible outcomes.

Whether you choose to book your surgery with us or elsewhere, here are some important things to look for when you’re considering a clinic and a team for your tummy tuck:

  • Ask to see Before and After photos of real patients so you can look at real results and explore proof that your surgeon has a legacy of successful, beautiful surgical results.
  • Read your surgeons’ bio and look for a wealth of experience, a strong education, and a history of extensive training and successful surgeries.
  • Trust your gut. The way a clinic makes you feel is just as important as a skilled team. You should feel comfortable asking questions and exploring options in your consultation.
  • Look at online reviews on Google and Facebook, and see what previous patients are saying.


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