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March Break Skincare Guide

Snow or sun, these are our product picks for spring break. Spring break spells welcome relief from the daily grind and an opportunity to hit the slopes or escape the Ontario winter all together. Whatever your plans entail, there are some key steps to take in order to keep your skin tip-top. Sun protection knows […]

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5 reasons to commit to sunscreen year-round.

It is not uncommon to let thoughts of sun protection take a back seat in the winter months, but with skin cancer taking the lead in cancer diagnosis in Canada, and with melanoma on the rise, diligent sun protection has never been more important. In this article, we share with Oakville and Southern Ontario patients […]

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Holiday gifts for any budget.

Medical-grade, results-driven skincare for the beauty buffs on your list. Keep your friends and family glowing this holiday season – no matter your budget. Oakville Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skincare is your one-stop-shop for the year’s must-have skincare products and treatments. Visit us in-store or contact us at 905.901.9545 to make your purchase. Save […]

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Why sunscreen is important in the winter.

A common misconception for many Canadians is that applying sunscreen isn’t necessary in the winter months. After all, the days are shorter and the sun can seem less intense when its warmth is not readily felt. Unfortunately, this belief may be a contributing factor to the continued rise in incidence of skin cancers like melanoma. […]

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How to winterproof your skin.

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Skincare strategies for a Southern Ontario winter. Did you know of the impact that changing weather and environmental conditions can have on your skin? Having a seasonal skincare strategy in place will lessen the impact of the harsh winter wind and indoor heating that tend to dry the skin out and even cause skin irritations […]

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Your back to school beauty guide.

How to get back to reality, beautifully. September is usually a mad dash for everyone, regardless of whether or not you have kids, or you’re in school yourself. With the long summer days coming to a close, we find ourselves stepping back into routine—and the simpler and more effective we can make those routines, the […]

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