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Is your skincare working for you?

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Skincare School Part 1

As the kids head back to school, let’s get started on an education of our own. A great skincare regimen can help you get to the bottom of any skin concern; especially when it’s effectively combined with treatments to combat skin damage, signs of aging, and collagen depletion.

Here’s a refresher course on why medical-grade skincare gives your skin a chance at straight A’s.

Is your skincare working for you?

It’s easy to fall into a skincare rut, especially if your regimen worked for you when you first introduced it. But our skin changes over time, and your regimen needs to adapt along with life’s changes. Even subtle changes like colder winter months warrant a check-in with your skin. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • How long have you had the products you’re using? Look for an expiration date and keep track of when you buy products. When they’re left on a shelf for a long time, products can breed bacteria or lose efficacy.
  • What shifts have you noticed in your skin? Are you noticing signs of aging, adult acne, or new dryness?
  • What life changes might have affected your skin since you started the regimen you’re on? Hormonal and life changes like pregnancy, menopause, weight gain or loss can affect what your skin needs.
  • What treatments are you considering, or have you introduced since starting your regimen? You may want to shift your routine to work in tandem with treatments like laser skin renewal.
  • Do you use sunscreen consistently? Including a broad-spectrum sunscreen with UVA/UVB protection is essential. 

Read the book, not just the cover!

Many of us are tempted by attractive packaging and brand name status, but the truth is this: medical-grade skin care – such as Vivier® and ZO® Skin Health – are packed with transforming, science-backed ingredients that get to the source of your skin’s needs. Take time to read the ingredients, and ask us questions about anything you’re not sure about.


Take notes

Sometimes changes in our skin happen gradually, and we don’t notice what’s going on until it’s too late. By noting the early signs of aging or sun damage, you can keep track of shifts in your skin and get proactive about real solutions. 

Take a crash course in skin rejuvenation

Our past blogs offer insights on a variety of skin products, hero ingredients, and skincare truths. Take time to explore and discover what might work for you:

Combine treatments with innovative skincare

When you come to see us for a skincare consultation, we can recommend products that work in tandem with aesthetic treatments. The right products can help elongate the results of laser treatment, injectables, or peels. 


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