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The Top 5 Solutions for Winter Skin Concerns

What does your skin need this winter?

As the cold weather closes in, we’re all gravitating towards a cozy fire, a hot cup of coffee, and warmer layers to bundle up. But our skin changes with the seasons, too. So what’s the truth about winter skincare? Learn about what your skin needs to acclimatize and keep that healthy glow all season long.

How does colder weather affect my skin?

There are some obvious ways in which a harsh winter can affect skin health and texture, like cold outdoor air that can wear on sensitive skin types. But the truth is that our cultural responses to the weather; dry indoor heat, scarves, and hoods, and even the conditioner we use– can affect skin health. Here’s how cold weather can affect your skin and what you can do about it.

1. Dry indoor heat

The problem: As soon as the colder days set in, we’re all cozying up at home or blasting the heat in the car as soon as we climb in. All that heat can dry up your skin’s surface oils; and the consequences can be long lasting. Skin without enough hydration can be more prone to lines and wrinkles. Your skin may also respond by overproducing sebum which can cause acne or oil buildup. A drier indoor climate also means you’ll need to respond appropriately with skincare. 

Our solution: Consider making a big pot of herbal tea in the morning that you can sip on during the day. That way, you’ll stay hydrated and warm all day. Perfect for those of us that always forget to drink enough water! Consider introducing a serum with Hyaluronic Acid, switch to a more deeply hydrating moisturizer, or ask us about filler or facial treatments to help restore lost moisture. Our treatments go beyond the surface of your skin to revive skin from the inside out.

2. Dead skin buildup

The problem: Dead skin builds up over time and can cause dull skin that’s prone to breakouts and uneven skin texture. A lack of hydration– often exacerbated by cold climate and dry indoor heat– can keep skin from performing its natural elimination processes. A cold winter ahead means it’s even more important to exfoliate your skin or to find a solution that helps remove dead skin buildup. 

Our solution: Introduce a gentle scrub or exfoliating polish into your skincare routine or consider a clinical peel to completely rejuvenate your skin. We offer non-invasive treatments that go beyond the surface to trigger your skin’s collagen production and slough away dead skin for a fresh new complexion.

3. Need a new winter skincare routine?

The problem: If you’ve reached a beautiful balance with your skincare routine, you might notice that it’s thrown off when the colder weather hits. Don’t panic! That just means it’s time for a new game plan. 

Our solution: Revamping your winter skincare routine doesn’t necessarily mean adding a heavy cream; your skincare plan will depend on your skin type and individual concerns. Keep track of the changes you’re noticing in your skin. Does it feel tighter? Where are you noticing more acne? Listening to what your skin is trying to tell you is a great place to start. Schedule a consultation with us to build a unique skincare plan that includes personalized solutions unique to your skin. A highly-concentrated serum can add multi-tasking benefits, and there may be treatment options you haven’t considered. Let’s explore together.

4. Sun Damage

The problem: No, you didn’t read that wrong! Aside from the blue light emanating from computer and TV screens, you’ll also want to protect your skin from the sun throughout the winter months. Even if you’re living in a dark place, you’d be surprised at how winter sun can sneak through and damage your skin. You still need protection from UVA and UVB rays to prevent wrinkles, pigmentation, and other consequences of sun damage.The best part? The best quality sunscreens these days are often multitaskers; protecting you from UV rays and blue light while moisturizing your skin.

Our solution: Try one of our science-backed, client favourites. Our mineral sunscreens give your skin a silky, matte finish and layer well under makeup for protection that doesn’t quit. Now you can enjoy walking in a winter wonderland or running errands, knowing your skin is safe.

5. The sneaky culprits

The problem: It’s easy to ignore the tiny changes we make that can cause reactions in our skin. We’ve all likely noticed how the introduction of wearing masks can cause dreaded “maskne.” But your winter layers can also create friction and bacteria-causing buildup on your skin. You may also choose a heavier conditioner in the winter for your hair, but using it close to your roots can cause surprise outbreaks along your hairline.

Our solution: By observing skin concerns over time, we can help you understand your skin’s needs to create effective solutions. Some simple tips: only use heavy conditioners on the ends of your hair. Make sure you’re regularly washing your scarves, hoods and hats to ensure that only clean fabric is next to your face.

Looking to refresh your skin in time for the holidays? 

Let’s create a unique treatment plan for you! Whether you’re concerned about rosacea, signs of aging, skin laxity, acne, or other concerns, we’d love to be part of your journey to the skin you love.

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