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Looking for a lovely neck?

Are you serious about great skincare and treatments for a lovely complexion? Don’t forget about your neck! Although we’re all likely more aware of aging on our faces, the neck is often the first place to show visible signs of aging. Neck skin is often overlooked in a skincare regimen, even though it’s one of […]

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I shrunk my double chin with BELKYRA™

An Oakville Plastic Surgery patient shares her treatment experience. We love it when patients share their experiences and successes with treatments they’ve had at Oakville Plastic Surgery. Many of our patients have tried BELKYRA™—a customized contouring treatment for the area under the jawline—and loved their results. Today, one of those patients has kindly agreed to […]

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Belkyra Benefits.

belkyra, double chin

Bid farewell to chin fat with Belkyra. Getting rid of chin fat is not necessarily about maintaining a trim figure. For some Oakville and Southern Ontario patients, the accumulation of fat underneath the chin is a hereditary trait that develops with age. This can prematurely age their appearance and contribute to feelings of self consciousness. […]

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How to get rid of a double chin.

belkyra, double chin, chin fat

Belkyra for chin fat reduction. Some aging changes are easier to accept than others…Crow’s feet are indicative of having had many occasions to smile; and let’s face it, a few forehead lines can look so distinguished on those who wear it well. Unfortunately, the same concessions cannot be made for a double chin—which is generally […]

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