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Belkyra® Benefits.

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Bid farewell to chin fat with Belkyra®.

Getting rid of chin fat is not necessarily about maintaining a trim figure. For some Oakville and Southern Ontario patients, the accumulation of fat underneath the chin is a hereditary trait that develops with age. This can prematurely age their appearance and contribute to feelings of self consciousness.

Up until recently, the only solution to remove this stubborn fat and reveal a sleek and trim jawline was to undergo plastic surgery such as liposuction or a neck lift. Recent advancements in non-surgical cosmetic methods have led to extremely effective treatments to treat double chins. One such treatment is Belkyra®–an injectable medicated treatment that breaks down the cell membrane of fat cells. Once released, the body’s natural processes remove the waste products of the fat cells and the double chin is reduced. The treatment process occurs over three to four weeks with enduring results regardless of future weight gain.

Feeling good about your profile again is as simple as a few 30 minutes sessions in our clinic.

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