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ZO Controlled Depth Peel

Zo Controlled Depth Peel

A new in-office clinical peel treatment for unparalleled rejuvenation. Oakville Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skincare is pleased to offer the ZO® Controlled Depth Peel™ to Oakville, Cambridge and Southern Ontario patients. This highly advanced, in-office procedure is recommended for those who are concerned with preventing the first signs of aging, as well as anyone who […]

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Celebrating Mom

The instinct for a mother to put the needs of her family ahead of her own is a strong one. This tendency often means that timeout and treats are a rare occurrence for moms. Thankfully, Mother’s Day affords us with the opportunity to spoil the special women—mothers, wives, sisters and friends—who take such good care […]

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Top ways to winterize your skin.

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The cooler temperatures that accompany winter weather affect more than our choice of clothing—they have an effect on how our skin feels as well. Dryness, dehydration and seasonal outbreaks of eczema and psoriasis are not uncommon when the mercury descends. In addition to the discomfort these changes may cause, the skin often appears dull and […]

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How to recapture your summer glow.

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Is it the relaxed pace of life and ample opportunities for fun with friends that produce a summer glow? Perhaps—but more realistically, it relates to the increased oil production that keeps our skin hydrated and moist. As the temperature dips with the arrival of fall and winter, these oil secretions decrease. This, in combination with […]

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