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How to recapture your summer glow.

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Is it the relaxed pace of life and ample opportunities for fun with friends that produce a summer glow? Perhaps—but more realistically, it relates to the increased oil production that keeps our skin hydrated and moist. As the temperature dips with the arrival of fall and winter, these oil secretions decrease. This, in combination with the cold weather, can leave the skin feeling tight and looking dull.

So how do you recapture your summer glow? We share our expert tips and tricks with you here.

At home.

Change of season is not just time to change what you wear on your body: it’s time to change what you wear on your skin so to speak. Switching from foaming to creamy cleansers, and from mattifying to ceramide-enriched moisturizers are essential steps to take to transition your skincare routine from summer to fall.

Dry skin types may even wish to consider introducing a face oil or a hydrating serum to quench their extra thirsty skin. That being said, every skin type can benefit from hydrating masques and serums over the colder months—even oily and acneic skins. In fact, the better hydrated your skin is, the fewer dead skin cells will build, thus reducing the development of blackheads and breakouts.

In office.

To realize superior brightening results, in-office treatments are a reliable option for substantive and satisfying outcomes. Our top choices for boosting skin vitality are clinical peels and fotofacials.

Clinical peels work to refresh the skin by removing the surface layers of dulling dead skin cells. The smooth and fresh skin that is revealed absorbs moisture more readily and reflects light for a noticeable glow. A series of 4-6 bi-weekly clinical peels can activate enhanced cell renewal for enduring textural improvements to the skin. With regular monthly visits, these non-invasive, quick and convenient treatments are an excellent way to maintain more youthful-looking and bright skin year-round.

Fotofacials offer exceptional brightening benefits to the skin with minimal recovery. The fall is the ideal time to partake in a series of fotofacial treatments, which concentrate on correcting skin discolouration—including dilated vessels and brown spots. Some mild redness and swelling, as well as darkening of the treated brown spots, will occur. Some dryness and flaking will occur over the week following your treatment as the treated cells come to the skin’s surface and shed away. A series of 4-6 treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart may be recommended in order to achieve ideal clarifying results for your skin tone. The ensuing radiance from a fotofacial treatment makes it an ideal pre-holiday skin boost.

Putting these tips into practice will help you to realize a summer glow for your skin, even in the depths of winter. To learn more about how to transition your skincare routine to the new season and explore brightening in-office treatments further, we invite you to book a professional consultation with our medical aesthetician. Call 905.901.9545 or email [email protected] to arrange an appointment.

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