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The secret to a beautiful smile.

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Big and beautiful lips are back—well, they didn’t exactly go anywhere, but there has been a lot of focus on lip augmentation in the media these days, particularly with regards to younger women looking to enlarge their lips. Fortunately, there are very safe and effective ways to enhance the shape and size of the lips that do not involve trendy and possibly harmful lip-plumping devices. Our clinic offers Oakville patients treatments with injectable fillers such as JUVÉDERM® to temporarily restore and build volume in the lips. However, even if they are not satisfied with the shape and size of their lips, many patients feel hesitant about lip augmentation for fear of looking “done.” In this article, we explain what to look for in a well-executed lip enhancement treatment in order to realize a beautiful outcome.

The essentials of an expertly performed lip enhancement.

When researching a lip augmentation treatment, look into the qualifications of potential injectors and evaluate their work (i.e. before and after photos). This will give you insight into whether or not their aesthetic taste is a fit for you. In addition to these points, here are important qualities that an adept practitioner will possess:

  • A thorough understanding of facial anatomy. Having more than a topical knowledge of the anatomic spaces in the lips is essential to achieving a natural-looking and natural-feeling lip augmentation. When this detailed understanding is lacking, there is a risk of creating uneven contours that interfere with the normal movement and placement of the lips when the mouth is closed.
  • An artistic sensibility and vision for symmetry and balance. In addition to understanding the mechanics of facial anatomy, a skilled injector will be able to create a shape and size that is harmonious and proportionate with your features.

The beauty of lip enhancement treatments is that they can last for up to a year. The hyaluronic acid based filler substance that is used to create volume has been shown to stimulate natural collagen synthesis in the skin; this means that follow-up treatments will require less volume restoration, as your skin is naturally more plump thanks to the initial treatment. The longevity provided by this temporary enhancement is all the more reason to thoroughly vet your practitioner. Under the hands of a skilled professional, you can feel confident in your choice to improve the look of your smile.

All injectable treatments provided at our clinic are performed by Dr. Nancy de Kleer. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. de Kleer has an acute ability to create balance and pleasing dimensions for lip augmentation. To learn more about lip filler treatments with Dr. de Kleer, we welcome you to book a consultation. Contact us to arrange your appointment today.

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