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The latest treatments for an aging neck.

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Aging is inevitable—how well we age, however, is something over which we have a measure of control. An area that tends to show the signs of aging the most rapidly is the neck. This is due to the dry, sensitive and thin nature of neck skin. There are skincare habits that can keep the neck looking younger for longer, but there comes a point when further measures with non-invasive methods are needed to improve the quality of the skin and refine the silhouette of an aging neck. Oakville patients can discover the latest treatment options for an aging neck here.

Clinical Peels.

One of the most effective ways to maintain smooth skin texture and an even skin tone on the neck is with clinical peels. The process of medical-grade exfoliation activates cell regeneration, resulting in smoother and brighter skin, with regular treatments yielding accumulative improvements. An individual assessment and personalized treatment plan will determine the optimal regularity of clinical peels required to achieve optimal outcomes.


Treatments such as BOTOX COSMETIC® can help to refine a thickened neck silhouette and smooth the look of neck bands/wrinkles. Strategically placed injections subdue key muscles in order to reduce their size and prevent the contractions that contribute to the formation of deep wrinkles. This non-invasive approach to shaping the silhouette of the neck is a safe, rapid and effective way to realize noticeable improvements. Neuromodulator treatment results are temporary and require regular follow-up sessions to be maintained.


This skin-tightening treatment is the perfect intermediate step before a neck lift. The ThermiTight™ technology is the first of its kind to selectively target and heat specific tissues in order to realize surgery-like rejuvenating benefits for the neck. For instance, in the case where excessive fat is present underneath the chin, accompanied by loose skin, the ThermiTight™ technology is equipped to address both concerns which would normally require more than one treatment method (such as a neck lift combined with liposuction) in order to be addressed.

Dr. Nancy de Kleer inserts special treatment probes into the skin, wherein the tissue is heated to in order to realize therapeutic results. Fat tissue is heated to the temperature at which the fat cells are destroyed; the skin is heated to activate collagen remodelling and synthesis. The ThermiTight™ technology allows Dr. de Kleer to carefully monitor the temperature of the skin; the device automatically adjusts itself in order to maintain optimal, safe temperatures.
These non-invasive treatment methods provide exceptional aesthetic improvements to the neck. The results are natural and require minimal recovery when compared to surgery. To further explore these rejuvenating treatments for the neck, we welcome you to book a personal, professional consultation. Contact us today to arrange your appointment.

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