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Looking for a lovely neck?

Are you serious about great skincare and treatments for a lovely complexion? Don’t forget about your neck! Although we’re all likely more aware of aging on our faces, the neck is often the first place to show visible signs of aging. Neck skin is often overlooked in a skincare regimen, even though it’s one of […]

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Be ThermiTight™ everywhere.


Radio frequency skin tightening from head to toe. As a centre for plastic surgery, we are acutely aware of our patients’ desire to realize beautiful results for their aesthetic concerns with as little disruption to their daily routines as possible. The ability to provide surgery-like results with less downtime is certainly one of the most […]

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ThermiTight™: Bridging the gap between non-invasive procedures and surgery.

ThermiTight, neck, jawline

Something that sets our clinic apart from other surgical centres is the diversity of our service offerings. While we provide world-class surgical procedures for the face and body, our patients have access to cutting edge non-invasive cosmetic devices and treatments as well. One such micro-invasive treatment that we are pleased to offer is ThermiTight™. What […]

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