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The clinical treatment that women with great skin swear by.

clinical peels

Clinical peels for healthy and beautiful skin.

There are some women whose skin radiates a healthy glow that transcends the effects of time. What’s their secret?

Clinical peels are one of the safest and easiest ways to maintain smooth skin with an even skin tone and the refined pores we all covet.

How do clinical peels work?

A clinical peel procedure involves cleansing the skin and applying a peel that contains either alpha or beta hydroxy acids. In some cases, a blend of acids is used to address a particular skin concern. The gentle acids work to detach the dead surface skin cells via a chemical process rather than through physical abrasion. In addition to the exfoliating effects, clinical peels can have other benefits for the skin, such as inhibiting the process that leads to the development of brown spots and acne scars.

Generally, the peels have a warm or prickly sensation on the skin. The intensity of the sensation will vary based on the strength of the peel and the skin type/condition being treated.

What are the benefits of a clinical peel?

Clinical peels can effectively treat acne, blackheads, skin discolouration and uneven skin texture; regular treatments can also stimulate skin regeneration, thus preventing skin laxity and enlarged pores that may arise with age.

Combining regular in-office clinical peels with professional at-home skincare is an affordable and effective way to maintain healthy and rejuvenated skin. An initial series of 6 treatments that are spaced two weeks apart can kick-start improvements to the quality of the skin, while maintenance treatments may be done every three to six months.

Are you curious to learn more about this treatment that will keep your skin looking and feeling great for years to come? Our medical aesthetician Bethany is available for a complimentary consultation. Contact us to arrange your appointment today.

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