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Tummy Tuck Questions: Part 2

Learn About Abdominoplasty: Part 2


We often hear the same questions from tummy tuck candidates at our clinic, so we thought we’d put them together here. Learn about abdominoplasty in this blog and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about the surgical and non-invasive treatments we offer.

How does the surgery work?

At your consultation, the details of your own surgery will be described, based on your individual needs and concerns.   On the day of your surgery, just before surgery, drawings on your skin are made by Dr. de Kleer, to act as a blueprint for the restorative surgery you have planned together with Dr. de Kleer.  Depending on your individual needs, an incision is made part way or all the way across the lower abdomen.  Most often, a second incision is made around the navel.  The muscle tissue is tightened and stitched into place for a narrower waistline and firmer abdominal wall. Liposuction may be performed to remove unwanted fat.  Excess skin is trimmed and redraped and everything is carefully sewn closed using special techniques to minimize scars.  

Surgery normally lasts from 2 to 3 hours, depending on the details of your surgery.

What happens after surgery?

After surgery, you will gradually arouse, and you will be cared for by a nurse until you are ready to return home, usually within 2 hours of the surgery.  You will have been well educated by our nurses about surgical recovery, including how to manage any postoperative discomfort.  Your surgical team will be checking in on you, and we ask you to see us in 1-2 days for ongoing evaluation and care.  

How long is the recovery?

We recommend that the first week after surgery, you concentrate on yourself, and try to get lots of rest.  We like to see you regularly for follow-up, to assess how your healing is progressing and carefully monitor you, and also to review how to care for yourself to ensure optimal recovery and comfort.  Our team will equip you with tips and guidelines to maximize healing and comfort so you can heal happily and enjoy your results. Expect to limit your activities for at least two weeks, at which point many people return to work.  We ask you to avoid heavy physical activity for six weeks.   It can take several months to truly heal from a tummy tuck but there’s nothing like celebrating the results with our happy patients.

What do tummy tuck results look like?

We always recommend that potential patients check out past surgical results to explore what their own results might look like. Dr. deKleer’s innovative, skillful technique allows for minimal scarring and beautiful results.

Check out these tummy tuck Before and After results in our online gallery.


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