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Get Your Skin Glowing For The Holidays: Here’s How!

Proven Solutions for Glowing, Gorgeous Skin This Holiday Season

Winter is an important time to rethink your skincare regimen

The leaves have fallen, and the snow is incoming. Whether you love or loathe the cozy winter weather, it’s arriving as it does every year — as reliable as Santa’s trip down the chimney. But skin is especially sensitive to cold weather and dry indoor heat. It’s essential to look at your skincare routine at this time of year to make sure you’re pivoting to keep a healthy moisture barrier, accelerate cell turnover, and refresh tired skin to target signs of aging or a tired complexion. There’s nothing quite as lovely as glowing for the holidays. Here are some of our best winter skin tips. 

Why does my skin change in the winter?

Cold outdoor air, changes in temperature, harsh winds, and scarves tied around our faces all affect the skin’s healthy ecosystem and its ability to retain moisture. Dry indoor heat adds to a cornucopia of skin stressors; when you throw on the heat in the morning as you get in the car, it can dry out or upset the healthy balance of your skin. When winter hits, suddenly our skin is living in a totally different environment; and it can respond like the way any of us do when our environment changes suddenly; by acting out. Some people notice more acne in the winter, those of you with rosacea may notice flare-ups and different triggers, and almost all of us will track an increase in skin dryness.

Here’s how cold weather can affect your skin and how you can keep skin healthy and happy this winter.

Deep moisture helps offset dry indoor heat

Try products like VIVIER®’s Age Defying Moisturizer with Squalane and Vitamins, ZO® Skin Health’s Radical Night Repair with Retinol, or Alastin®’s Hyaluronic Acid Immerse Serum to offset the heat that’s blasting all day long in the winter months. If you’re looking to get fillers to restore lost volume in the face or hands, ask us about dermal fillers with Hyaluronic Acid to restore moisture and build up reserves for thirsty skin. Keep in mind that dry skin can also overproduce sebum which can cause acne or oil buildup, so if you have acne make sure you’re not using overly harsh cleansers, and be sure to moisturize. 

Exfoliate and choose treatments that target dead skin buildup

Dead skin naturally builds up over time if you’re not making moves to slough it away. Winter is an important time to gently exfoliate and accelerate cell turnover for brighter, happier skin. We recommend introducing a gentle scrub or exfoliating polish into your skincare routine or considering a clinical peel to jumpstart a new skin story. We offer non-invasive treatments that go beyond the surface to trigger your skin’s collagen production and slough away dead skin for a fresh new complexion.  Make sure you’re washing scarves or hoods, any cold weather gear that tends to push up against your face. Dead skin cells or dirt can hang around on these items and cause acne or irritation.

skincare and specialized treatments in oakville can help keep your skin healthy and glowing

You may notice sun damage on your face from the summer months

It’s after our summer tan fades that many of us are faced with sun damage or pigmentation on our faces. You might notice sun spots, more lines and wrinkles, or other signs of sun damage as we head into winter months. You’re not alone! We see many patients concerned about the way the sun has affected their complexions. 

We have a broad array of treatments that fade away sunspots and transform tired skin for a brighter, more youthful-looking appearance. 

Check out our BBL Forever Young or HALO® Laser skin resurfacing for solutions that can turn back the clock or shop skincare in our clinic with help from our skilled beauty team.

Keep wearing sunscreen this winter (yes, really!)

You’ll still want to be wearing a broad spectrum, SPF 30+ sunscreen all winter long. UVA and UVB rays have a sneaky way of cutting through the clouds, even if it doesn’t look like a sunny day. Our mineral sunscreens give your skin a silky, matte finish and layer well under makeup for protection that doesn’t quit. 

Looking to refresh your skin in time for 2024?

Let’s create a unique treatment plan for you! Our skilled staff understands the unique profile of each skin type, and can help craft a skincare and treatment plan that treats your concerns and meets your needs. Whether you’re concerned about rosacea, signs of aging, skin laxity, acne, or other concerns, we’d love to be part of your journey to the skin you love.

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