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Meet Sylvia, our Newest Nurse Injector at Oakville Plastic Surgery!


We’re happy to introduce Sylvia, our newest skilled Nurse Injector at Oakville Plastic Surgery and Medspa.

Join us in welcoming this integral new member of our team.

Sylvia comes to us with a rich history and an arsenal of skill, committed to making each patient look and feel beautiful.

We’re committed to bringing you the best treatments and surgical care, so everyone on our team at OPS is passionate about great natural-looking results, thoughtful care, and consultations that walk you through your options so you know exactly what to expect.

Our aesthetic team knows beauty inside out, so we can address your concerns, help achieve your goals, and outline your options to customize a skincare regimen, treatment plan, and surgical strategy that’s completely unique to you.

Let’s get to know Sylvia with a few questions!

Hi Sylvia! Can you tell us a bit about your background in aesthetics, and how you ended up with the aesthetic experience and skill that you have today?

I began working on a concept to develop an advanced yet comfortable cosmetic rejuvenation clinic in Guelph in the early 2000s with laser hair removal, gradually progressing to more advanced approaches involving cosmetic lasers and injectables. In September 2011 Guelph Medical Laser & Skin Centre opened its doors, I owned and operated it successfully with many happy patients until 2020 when it was purchased. So I come to Oakville Plastic Surgery with a wealth of experience and expertise in aesthetic techniques.

How do you stay on top of your skills and innovate as someone who’s been in this industry for a while now?

Over the years, I have proven to be an early adopter with many aesthetic techniques, including a European approach to injectables, which focuses on increasing safety while decreasing downtime. As a sought-after expert, I am frequently called upon to test new techniques, procedures, and products to update and innovate the skills I already have.

With 24 years of nursing experience –– including 18 years, in Medical Aesthetics –– I have had the opportunity to become a mentor to my peers and develop relevant curriculums. I strive to keep on top of the ever-changing field of aesthetic medicine by attending international conferences, upgrading my skills, and making educational visits to medical laser clinics throughout Canada and the United States.

Book a consultation and explore the possibilities with Sylvia today!

Treatment solutions can be a beautiful way to renew your look, smooth wrinkles and folds, refresh skin texture, combat signs of aging, lighten pigmentation or scarring, and much more. Let us be part of you feeling and looking your very best. Book a consultation with Sylvia and learn about all the options available to you.

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