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How to transition your skincare routine into spring.

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The insider spring skincare hack.

As we welcome longer days and the sunshine that comes with them, it’s time to revisit your skincare routine for spring and summer.

One of the staples of our approach to healthy and rejuvenated skin is the practice of using retinol as a night-time treatment over the winter months. Retinol is a form of vitamin A that has many anti-aging benefits for the skin such as:

  • activating the renewal process
  • improving the clarity of the skin tone
  • smoothing fine lines and reducing the depth of wrinkles
  • normalizing sebum (your skin’s natural moisture) production

Sounds like a dream come true–right? The only thing is…retinol is photosensitizing, so a best practice is to transition away from using it in the spring and summer months when the sun is most intense.

AM routine: The anti-aging go-to for spring and summer.

As an alternative to retinol, we recommend combining a vitamin C serum with a minimum SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen in the daytime. This combination is applied every morning to:

  • Enhance photoprotection–studies have found that when vitamin C is present in the skin, inflammation from UV radiation is greatly reduced.
  • Improve brightness–vitamin C is clinically proven to disrupt the enzyme that is responsible for the production of pigmentation in the skin. Regular use of a stable, concentrated form of vitamin can fade brown pigments while the anti-inflammatory benefits reduce redness in the skin for a more even tone.

PM routine: How to maintain an even skin tone all summer long.

Keeping brown spots at bay over the sun-filled days requires a concentrated effort with pigment inhibiting professional-strength treatments like the Zo® Skin Health Ossential® Brightalive Non-retinol Skin Brightener, a staff favourite. Using this treatment at night will promote cell renewal and reveal a fresh and luminous complexion when you wake.

With these simple steps, you can keep damage at bay and maintain your best and brightest skin all summer long. Contact us for a complimentary skin consultation–our medical aestheticians will help you find products you love that will give you the best results. Call 905.901.9545 or email [email protected] to book your appointment.

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