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ZO Skincare in Oakville!

The holy grail of skincare- right at your fingertips.

We know how hard it can be to choose the right products in a densely populated skincare market. We’re incredibly selective about our skincare at Oakville Plastic Surgery- prioritizing proven products that are backed by science. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to- seeking out skincare that responds to your skin and effectively transforms, replenishes, and protects.

Welcome to the holy grail of skincare.
At Oakville Plastic surgery, we love ZO® Skin Health products because they check all of our (many!) boxes when it comes to choosing a product line that celebrates quality, efficacy, and research. ZO products exclusively feature technologically advanced ingredients and intentionally crafted formulations that provide everything from effective daily skincare to complex skin disorders and chronic skin conditions.


Alyssa, skincare explorer of our Prevention Series, tried ZO skincare for the first time!
We asked her about trying this product line.

Alyssa on ZO skincare:
To be honest I don’t really have a skincare routine. I sometimes use a cleanser and follow with a moisturizer- but that’s about it. I felt like my skin was losing radiance and wasn’t really getting the clean and polish it needed. I wanted to try ZO but was nervous about the time commitment. It’s crazy how this little change to my schedule transformed my skin! This is the best skincare I’ve ever used- my skin is soft and feels radiant. I definitely can’t go back to what I used before! These first few months of using ZO have been fantastic. It’s nice to actually have a routine that doesn’t seem like its a lot of extra work. On top of that, my skin has never looked better!

Now that you’ve heard about Alyssa’s experience; is ZO skincare right for your skin?
We love introducing patients at our Oakville clinic to ZO skincare because we’ve seen how effective it can be on a huge range of skin types. ZO Skin Health, Inc. was founded by Dr. Obagi and was partly defined by its groundbreaking Skin Classification System. This system of analysis allows us to assess and understand your skin and the root causes of any concerns with precision and accuracy. Advanced assessment techniques introduce the ability to not only determine the best treatment options, but to predict how your skin will respond based on your skin type, age, ethnicity, and other factors.

How can I choose the ZO products that best suit my complexion and concerns?
Come in for a consultation and let’s discuss your skin goals and concerns! We’d love to explore the product line with you and help build a unique strategy and skincare plan unique to your complexion. Then we’ll help pair you with products that start a conversation with your skin to reach a radiant resolution.

Looking to do some shopping?
Explore our ZO product shop online. Whether you’re looking for anti-aging solutions, radiance-boosting treatments, protection from sun damage, or a solid strategy to treat a chronic skin concern, it’s all here!

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