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5 Tips for Beautiful Injectable Results

5 Tips for Great Injectable Results


The nuances of injectable treatments are incredibly important. Your unique beauty can be enhanced in a beautiful way when you work with a skilled injector. Injectable treatments can refresh your appearance, smooth lines and wrinkles, and renew your look in a natural, subtle way. But making the right decisions when it comes to injectables can be the difference between a beautiful result and one that doesn’t work for you. If you’re considering injectables for the first time, here are some things you should know. 

5 things to consider when booking an injectable treatment


  1. Choose an experienced injector.

We often have patients come to us after choosing an injector who didn’t understand the nuances of their facial symmetry. Plan wisely and ask questions in your initial consultation. You should feel comfortable expressing what your ideal end result is. Looking for natural results that are subtle? Make sure your injector is confident in describing their technique and is open to your inquiries. Ask for photos of past injectable treatments or about their experience with the injectable treatment you’re considering. This is a treatment you’re paying for that you’ll be walking around with, so it’s important that you love your results and feel confident in the clinic and the team you’ll be working with.

  1. Envision your end result and know your goals.

Choose an injectable treatment because you’re confident that it’s the right solution for your aesthetic concerns. Write down what you’re hoping to target with the treatments and discuss these goals in your initial consultation to choose an injectable treatment that’s right for you.

  1.  Combination treatment plans can elongate your results.

Combine your injections with a hybrid skincare plan or other treatments to elongate and improve your results. In your initial consultation, ask questions about any treatment you’re curious about and inquire about whether another treatment pairs well with the injectable you’re considering. Be sure to mention all of your cosmetic goals in your initial consultation, in case your specialist can recommend a hybrid personalized treatment plan to maximize your results.

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  1. Do your research.

Reading articles like this and exploring online results, treatment options, and facts can equip you to choose the best treatment for you. You’ll also be able to ask more specific questions in your consultation if you already understand the basics of the treatments you’re considering.


Here are some pages on our site to help inform your injectable choices:

  1. Book a consultation.

If you’re considering injectables and looking to get started, begin with a consultation to explore your options. The expert injectors at our Oakville clinic have decades of experience with injectables, and the results that highlight our success in making our patients feel happy and confident. 


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