What could injectables do for me?


What can injectables do for you?

Are you curious about injectables?

Here’s what you need to know.

Injectable results can be natural and beautiful.

Our injectable experts in Oakville can soften the signs of aging with injectable treatments like neuromodulators and fillers, to give the face an instant, no downtime lift. With intentional, thoughtful, injections, you can refresh your appearance in a way that makes people wonder why you looks so good—without knowing you’ve had an injectable treatment! Let’s take a look at BOTOX COSMETIC®–a popular neuromodulator–and dermal fillers, to explore the benefits and differences for you and your appearance.


When you choose a clinic with skilled injectors who understand the nuances and unique symmetry of each face, you get results that look natural and enhance your unique beauty. BOTOX® treatments are appropriate for a wide variety of concerns, on both men and women.

What does BOTOX® do?

The muscles that clench and tighten on your face can cause deep creases, and emphasize wrinkles, lines, folds, and other signs of aging. Neuromodulators work by targeting and treating facial lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines. The injection relaxes these muscles and allows for smoother, more youthful-looking skin. Neuromodulators can also prevent new wrinkles or folds from forming as a result of repetitive facial movements, like a furrowing brow.

What about fillers, do they do the same thing?

While neuromodulators and fillers can both treat signs of aging and refresh your appearance, fillers are more specifically used to enhance volume and to restore youthful fullness to your face. Dermal fillers are also known as injectable fillers.

How do injectable fillers work to refresh my look?

Dermal fillers are meant to help patients reduce or diminish facial lines, deep folds and other features that make us look older or more tired than we are. Dermal fillers are a quick, effective, and safe way to restore fullness. Over time, our skin decreases collagen production and can lose volume and density as we age, Fillers restore this volume, making them popular for plumping thin lips, enhancing shallow contours, softening facial wrinkles and creases, and decreasing or removing shadows and lines underneath the eyes.

Curious about what injectables could do for you?

Contact us to book a virtual consultation, and let’s discuss the possibilities of fillers for your concerns, goals, and aesthetic vision.

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