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A new year and a new you.

The top aesthetic goals for 2018.

The new year is a time we typically take stock and set goals that will make our lives better. Often, these aspirations centre around being the best version of ourselves, inside and out. As experts in plastic surgery, medical aesthetics, laser therapy and skincare, it’s our privilege to help patients in Oakville and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) achieve their goals in the most safe and effective way possible. In this post, we discuss some of the ways we’re helping our patients achieve their dreams in the new year ahead.

A ‘Cool’ new year.

A very common resolution is to get into shape and eat better. While these goals are fantastic for our health, we often attach an aesthetic expectation to our efforts. In other words, by exercising five times a week and cutting out carbs, we’d like inches to disappear from our waistline, thighs, bra-line etc. Unfortunately, we’re often left without a pay-off for our disciplined ways. There is no formula to lose fat in certain areas, but lucky for us, CoolSculpting is a fast and effective way to precisely target and reduce areas of unwanted fat. This safe and non-invasive body contouring treatment has become wildly popular thanks to the noticeable and lasting results it offers. No surgery or needles are required to lose stubborn fat and enjoy a slimmer physique in 2018. Curious to learn more? Book a complimentary consultation with our medical aesthetician and CoolSculpting expert today.

A younger you.

There comes a point when we look in the mirror and suddenly, we feel the reflection looking back at us has changed in ways that make us feel less confident and energized. For women, this is often due to a combination of aging triggers that affect the quality of our skin and facial features. These include accumulative sun damage, perimenopause and menopause, lifestyle choices and our genetic predispositions.

At Oakville Plastic Surgery, we are fully equipped to address all stages of the aging process.

  • Dr. de Kleer works with patients who are experiencing advanced aging changes that cannot be addressed by non-invasive means. This includes facelift, neck lift and/or eye lift surgeries.
  • Our injectable experts can soften the signs of aging with Botox® and fillers giving the face an instant, no downtime lift.
  • Our medical aesthetician can improve the tone of your skin with fotofacials and improve its firmness with Thermage®.

Whatever your goals are, we will create a customized treatment plan to help you achieve them.
If you’re hoping to reveal a younger looking you in 2018, book a consultation with us today!

The ‘breast’ year yet!

A woman’s confidence and self image are often affected by the perceived attractiveness of her breasts. Breast augmentation surgery offers women an avenue to change the shape and size of her breasts in order to achieve her aesthetic ideal. The new year offers an opportunity to take the leap and have the ‘breast’ year yet! With breakthrough advancements in implant technology and refined surgical techniques, this surgery has come a long way with regards to safety and producing results that look and feel incredibly natural. We appreciate that there is a lot of research and thought that goes into pursuing any kind of plastic surgery, and an important part of the decision making process is discussing your goals with your chosen plastic surgeon. On that note, we welcome you to book a consultation with Dr. de Kleer to get one BIG step closer to achieving your breast augmentation goals in 2018.

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