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Lip Injection Myths

Lip fillers / lip injections in Oakville Ontario.

Our expert injector Cheryl separates lip filler fact from fiction.

We all know what lip injections look like, and this is generally due to seeing outcomes that are amplified, which is the nice way of saying over-the-top. For some people, this is their goal; they want obviously filled lips. For those who may want just a little more volume to enhance their smile, seeing these kinds of results can lead to conclusions about lip augmentation that do not tell the whole story. You see, when a lip filler treatment is done with the aim to create a subtle enhancement, the lips take centre stage–not the filler.

Our Nurse Injector Cheryl is here to clear things up and dispel any lip injection myths you may have. Starting with:


1. Duck lips


Working with a highly skilled and experienced injector will prevent this pitfall. Injectors with an in depth knowledge of physiology as well as training in the latest injection techniques will be able to precisely place the filler in the lips, as to avoid injecting volume in such a way that it props the lips up and creates an uneven lumpiness under top lip.

For patients who are looking to achieve more volume in their lips without sacrificing a natural-looking outcome, the best way to avoid ‘duck lips’ is to do the treatment in stages. This allows time in between injections for the filler to settle into place so that follow up treatments add to the volume gradually for the most flattering and seamless outcome.


2. Once you start, you can’t stop


Sometimes people have a fear that lip augmentation treatments will stretch out their skin and they have to continue with treatments in order to prevent their lips from looking deflated. Many people don’t realize that injecting hyaluronic acid (a substance that is naturally produced in the skin) into the skin is proven to stimulate collagen production. So even after the filler has been metabolised by the body and dissolved over time, the skin’s dermis has thickened over this period, leaving it firmer and naturally fuller.


3. Lip fillers are just for thin lips


Dermal fillers can also be used in the lips to correct asymmetries or improve the definition and shape of the lip line, so even people with fuller lips can benefit from a lip enhancement treatment depending on their goals.


4. Filler makes lips feel lumpy or unnatural


Advancements in premium hyaluronic acid filler technology mean that when the correct filler is used for the treatment, this kind of concern happens rarely, if at all. Rather than a one-filler-fits-all approach, advanced fillers are designed with a variety of molecular weights and malleability. This means that a treatment for the lips where softness is required is quite different from a treatment that provides more structure such as intense volume restoration in the cheeks. When the appropriate premium filler is used, the texture and feel of the lips is incredibly natural.


Beautiful, natural-looking results.

At Oakville Plastic Surgery, we are committed to creating outcomes that are in harmony with your natural features–whether it’s through lip injections, or any of the wide range of non-invasive and surgical procedures we offer.

If you’re looking to enhance your smile with dermal fillers, we welcome you to book a personal, private consultation with Cheryl today!  

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