Laser Vein Treatment

Visible veins and vessels on the face, legs, neck or chest can be frustrating. Whether small networks of telangiectasia (spider veins) or larger, more pronounced skin lesions such as hemangiomas or venous lakes, these skin conditions have a way of making us feel uncomfortable. Though their causes are uncertain, many visible veins and broken capillaries are linked to sun exposure and skin aging. Facial redness and flushing can also be an indicator of rosacea, an inflammatory skin condition. Using the GentleMax laser from Candela we can safely and comfortably remove unsightly veins and vessels.



Oakville Plastic Surgery is committed to providing the highest level of care and safety to its patients. To determine if laser vein removal is right for you, we invite you to book a complimentary consultation with our medical aesthetician. Offering a unique combination of laser energies, your treatment will be customized to achieve optimal results based on your unique vein type and treatment area(s).


How It Works

The GentleMax laser targets pigment. The red, purple or blue pigment of the broken or enlarged vein absorbs the heat energy from the laser, leaving the surrounding tissue untouched. This targeted laser energy disrupts the vein or vessel, causing the blood inside to coagulate. Once coagulation has taken place, the vein collapses and is absorbed back into the body. The blood flow will be redirected to a vein deeper in the skin. In some instances, targeted vessels will clear instantly. Generally, two to three treatments are recommended for optimal clearance of surface veins and four to five treatments for deeper or clustered veins and vessels.


Some patients experience redness or mild swelling in the treated area immediately following treatment, which usually dispels within a few hours. Some minor bruising can occur, while should dissipate within a few days. Because the laser targets pigment, avoid any form of tanning – this will make it harder for the laser to distinguish differences in pigment and can result in laser burn. Daily application of a minimum SPF 30 broad-spectrum sunscreen is required to protect the newly treated skin.

Treatment Area

All body areas

Treatment Time

15-60 minutes

Average Recovery Time


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