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How to winterproof your skin.

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Skincare strategies for a Southern Ontario winter. Did you know of the impact that changing weather and environmental conditions can have on your skin? Having a seasonal skincare strategy in place will lessen the impact of the harsh winter wind and indoor heating that tend to dry the skin out and even cause skin irritations […]

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Spring and summer skincare tips.

Just as we change our diets, apparel and daily routines from season to season, our skincare regimen can benefit from some seasonal tweaking. In this article we’re sharing tips with clients in the community of Oakville on how to best care for their skin in the spring and summer months. Lighten up. The cold weather […]

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Refresh your skin for spring.

After a long cold winter you may be finding your skin is feeling a little lacklustre. That’s why we have compiled the best tips for patients in the Oakville community to refresh their skin for spring. First of all – why does our skin get so dull? The cold weather tends to make our skin […]

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