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Spring and summer skincare tips.

Just as we change our diets, apparel and daily routines from season to season, our skincare regimen can benefit from some seasonal tweaking. In this article we’re sharing tips with clients in the community of Oakville on how to best care for their skin in the spring and summer months.

Lighten up.

The cold weather and indoor heating we endure throughout the winter can lead to dry skin and the need to pack on heavy-duty moisture. Once the mercury rises, you’ll find this dryness subsides. This is the perfect time to switch up your moisturizer to a lighter formulation that’s more suitable for the balmier temperatures of spring and summer. Taking this step will prevent excess shine and skin congestion.

Vitamin C is your best friend inside and out.

Integrating a vitamin C based serum is an excellent practice in the spring and summer months, because photoprotection is enhanced when vitamin C is present in the skin. Additionally, vitamin C inhibits melanin synthesis (skin pigment) resulting in a more even skin tone when freckles have a tendency to come out in full force. Also, ingesting vitamin C in the spring and summer months will help prevent the formation of histamine; in other words, it can help to contain certain pesky seasonal allergies.

Plan your sun protection.

It’s not enough to simply rely on the sunscreen you applied in your morning routine for the rest of the day. By the time you’ve arrived at work, the efficacy of your sun protection has abated. Often people have a false sense of safety if they spend the majority of their day indoors, but the fact is that UVA rays can penetrate through glass. Even when you’re inside your car, in the office, or indoors at home, you can be sustaining sun damage. Plan to maintain your SPF protection throughout the day by either carrying sunscreen with you, or keeping some at the office. Reapplying sunscreen as needed is an important step to prevent sun damage and maintain healthy and youthful skin.

Put your 1% retinol to rest.

Vitamin A is an excellent anti-aging ingredient that we at Oakville Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skincare recommend to our patients. However, when the long sun-filled days arrive, it’s time to put 1% retinol use to rest. Products with high percentage retinol or concentrated vitamin A can make the skin photosensitive. To reduce your risk of sun damage, we recommend integrating a hydroxy acid based skin resurfacer in the spring and summer months in lieu of stronger retinol.

To learn which skincare products will work best for your skin over the spring and summer months, Oakville Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skincare welcomes you to book a complimentary consultation with our medical aesthetician. She will thoroughly assess your skin and discuss your goals in order to provide you with expert guidance on your at-home regimen. At Oakville Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skincare, we carry products from medical grade skincare lines such as Clayton Shagal, TiZO®, gloMinerals, VivierSkin Platiné, Vivier Pharma® and ZO® Skin Health. With all of these excellent options at our disposal an ideal regimen can be created that best suits your skin’s unique needs. To arrange an appointment for a professional consultation, call 905.901.9545 or email [email protected].

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