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Correcting breast asymmetry.

It is believed that works of art, architecture and the human form with proportions that are balanced and symmetrical are perceived more positively. Some artists and architects have employed the golden ratio of mathematics (whereby the ratio of two quantities is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities) to create work they feel is more aesthetically pleasing.

As much as we may be naturally drawn to symmetry, the reality is that the human form, which is bilateral, is not usually exactly proportionate from one side to the other. The differences can be negligible, but may be quite obvious in some cases. For instance, it is quite common for women to find that one of their breasts can vary in proportion and size quite significantly from the other. Not only can this be emotionally distressing, issues arise with the fit and look of undergarments and clothing. Fortunately, breast asymmetry can be corrected with surgery to restore balance to one’s form.

Causes for breast asymmetry.

There is no definitive cause for breast asymmetry, but contributors include:

• congenital variation
• the result of a lumpectomy – a breast conserving surgery to treat breast cancer
• hormonal changes
• traumatic injuries

NOTE: Sudden changes or differences in breast shape and size should be evaluated by a physician.

Surgery to correct breast asymmetry.

The first step in correcting breast asymmetry is a professional consultation with a certified plastic surgeon. During the consultation, your specific needs and concerns will be thoroughly discussed. There may be more than one surgical technique required to achieve your desired outcome such as a breast lift, breast augmentation or reduction, breast liposuction, as well as changing the placement and shape of the breast(s). The applied techniques may vary from one breast to another. Your surgeon will explain in detail what to expect pre, during and post operation.

Outcomes from breast asymmetry correction.

Generally, a few weeks off of work and regular activities will be required during the surgical recovery. However, the recovery time will vary based on the surgical techniques that were used to correct the breast asymmetry. After the initial recovery, it takes several months for the breast, skin and muscle tissues to assume their final shape. Overall, the breasts should appear lifted with a flattering proportionate shape. Achieving this balance will hopefully aid in generating a more positive body image.

If breast asymmetry is a concern for you and you would like to address it, Oakville Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skincare welcomes you to book a consultation. All surgical procedures available through Oakville Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skincare are performed by Dr. Nancy de Kleer, plastic surgeon. Dr. de Kleer is an expert breast surgeon, with a wealth of experience in both reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery. There is a nominal consultation fee which may be applied towards your surgical procedure. Call 905.901.9545 or email info@drdekleer to request an appointment.

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