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Is body contouring worth it?

While liposuction is still in high demand to remove excess fat and improve body contours, for some patients, non-invasive procedures such as VelaShape or Thermage® are an appealing option. The question that is often asked of body contouring treatments is, are they worth it?

Some things to take into consideration are:

  • Liposuction is still the best option for removing larger volumes of fat.
  • The expectations for the treatment outcome need to be realistic and suited to the capacity of the treatment device.
  • In the case of VelaShape, the fat is not removed, but shrunken which contributes to ‘circumference reduction’.
  • For patients with concerns relating more to skin laxity, a treatment with Thermage® may be more suitable.
  • A surgical tummy tuck may offer the best outcome for patients with acute skin laxity. Liposuction can also be included with this procedure to address excess fat.

What are the key areas that can be effectively treated with body contouring?

  • The VelaShape device can be used to treat the abdomen, the ‘love handles’, thighs and buttocks.
  • Thermage® has been shown to effectively tighten skin on a variety of areas such as the backs of the arms, thighs, buttocks and stomach.

How does the VelaShape device work to reduce fat and improve the quality of the skin?

The VelaShape technology uses a combination of methods to reduce the size of the fat cells and improve the quality of the skin, making it smoother and reducing the look of cellulite.

One of the special components of the VelaShape device is that it combines patented Elos™ technology – bi-polar radiofrequency and infrared light energy. This safely heats the tissues without harming the skin’s surface. In conjunction with penetrating heat energy into the tissues, the skin is physically manipulated via vacuum and specially designed rollers.

The end results are activating the metabolism of stored energy, improved lymphatic drainage and shrinkage of the fat cells and fat chambers.

Who is best suited to receive a VelaShape treatment?

Having an established healthy diet and a regular exercise routine is important when considering a VelaShape treatment. Additionally, if weight fluctuations are a concern, the benefits of a VelaShape will not be properly maintained.

How does Thermage® work to tighten the skin and reduce the look of cellulite?

Thermage®, like VelaShape, uses radiofrequency waves to penetrate heat into the skin’s layers. This causes a rejuvenating response in the skin. The existing collagen fibres are remodelled by the heat and new collagen synthesis is activated. When the collagen fibres are healthy and abundant, the skin is firmer, tighter and smoother. In addition to reducing the look of folds and creases in the skin, a Thermage® body treatment can smooth areas of cellulite.
One treatment is often all that is needed to achieve a satisfactory result. The positive results of a Thermage® treatment develop over a six month period as the new collagen is built.

The final verdict.

Body contouring treatments are an effective way to improve the look of areas of cellulite, lax skin and stubborn fat. There are however cases when skin laxity and the volume of excess fat require body lift surgery and liposuction. If there is a body concern that you would like to address with a cosmetic procedure, the first step is to consult a professional. Dr. Nancy de Kleer has a keen aesthetic eye and will recommendations to help you achieve your body contouring goals. Oakville Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skincare invites you to schedule a consultation. Call 905.901.9545 or email [email protected] to arrange an appointment.

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