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Be ThermiTight™ everywhere.


Radio frequency skin tightening from head to toe.

As a centre for plastic surgery, we are acutely aware of our patients’ desire to realize beautiful results for their aesthetic concerns with as little disruption to their daily routines as possible. The ability to provide surgery-like results with less downtime is certainly one of the most exciting features of the latest radio frequency skin tightening devices to grace our treatment roster: ThermiTight™.

What can ThermiTight™ do for me?

The ThermiTight reviews speak to the skin tightening results that can be achieved with this innovative device. Practitioners and patients alike have fallen for this treatment—here’s why.

  • As a micro-invasive treatment, ThermiTight allows your plastic surgeon to target specific tissues (such as connective tissue and fat) using a small probe that is inserted below the skin’s surface. This probe replaces a scalpel, whereby the tissues are “sculpted” with radiofrequency heat to yield the desired outcome; unwanted fat is destroyed, and collagen fibers are remodeled and renewed for sleeker and firmer contours.
  • ThermiTight™ is not limited to a small selection of treatment areas due to the size of its hand piece, unlike many other non-invasive skin tightening devices. The versatility of this technology means that it can treat a wide range of contouring concerns such as turkey necks, saddlebags, back fat, muffin tops and more.

Sagging skin and uneven bulges used to be the exclusive realm of plastic surgery, but now, thanks to ThermiTight™, patients can make improvements to their appearance with less discomfort and recovery time. If weight loss or the aging changes that catch up with us all have left your skin loose, ThermiTight may be the treatment for you. To restore shape and vitality to your form, we welcome you to book in for a personal, private consultation. Contact us today to arrange your ThermiTight appointment.


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