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ThermiTight: A new way to rejuvenate.

Surgery-like results without the downtime.

You may find yourself at a point where you have the means to undergo surgery, but you can’t afford to take the time away to recover. For Oakville and Southern Ontario patients who are noticing aging changes that cannot be corrected with non-invasive techniques, there is a new and noteworthy treatment to consider.

Introducing ThermiTight: micro-invasive skin tightening.

If only we’d had a crystal ball to show us what we now know to be true: the sun we may have worshipped so diligently for its bronze-inducing warmth did damage that has taken years to arise. Of these side effects due to sun exposure, one of the most challenging to correct is a loss of elasticity. Lax skin that doesn’t bounce back cannot be corrected with creams or injections, and up until now, required surgery in order to realize noticeable and satisfying results. Thanks to ThermiTight, qualified patients can achieve tighter and smoother skin on their face and body without the need to surgically trim away excess skin.

How ThermiTight works.

Dr. Nancy de Kleer, plastic surgeon, uses the ThermiTight technology to tighten and sculpt areas of the face and body, using a small probe that is inserted beneath the skin’s surface. This probe emits heat energy that is raised to precise temperatures in order to elicit a therapeutic result. The outcomes that can be achieved include eliminating fat cells that contribute to undesirable contours, as well as tightening areas of loose skin.

Is ThermiTight right for you?

A consultation will determine if ThermiTight is the correct treatment modality for your cosmetic concern. Patients who are trouble by double chins, jowls, arm flab and muffin tops may be suitable candidates for a ThermiTight treatment. At Oakville Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skin Care, our goal is to match our patients with a suitable treatment that will yield optimal results with minimal downtime whenever possible.

To learn more about ThermiTight, or to learn if it is the right treatment for you, we welcome you to book in for a consultation. Contact us today.

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