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Laser Hair Removal in Oakville Ontario

Now is the time to reduce unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal may very well be your best friend, because who wants to deal with stubble, ingrown hairs and razor burn? This tried and true non-invasive treatment is safer and more effective than ever! At Oakville Plastic Surgery, we work with premium technology that makes for a quick and comfortable treatment with accurate and satisfying outcomes.

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Laser hair removal in Oakville Ontario.

Why fall for laser hair removal?

As we begin to cover up with the cooler weather, it seems counter-intuitive to concern ourselves with unwanted hair. After all, in the fall and winter, we have the luxury of letting ourselves go–just a little of course! But in fact, with less daylight and less chance of exposing our skin to sunlight, the fall and winter months are the ideal time to work away at diminishing areas of unwanted hair so that when the spring and summer seasons arrive, we are ready to bare it all without a stray hair in sight!

What to expect.

  • We will assess your skin and hair type to create a treatment plan that will achieve your hair reduction goals. You will want to avoid sun exposure before and after your treatment as well as avoid the use of self-tanners or tanning beds. Bleaching and plucking the hair is also contra-indicated when undergoing a laser hair removal series. The treatment area must be shaved prior to your session.
  • The laser will be pulsed along the skin, covering the treatment area and maintaining a safe surface temperature with the patented Dynamic Cooling Device™. Each pulse feels like a quick flash of heat, followed by a cool burst of air and is quite comfortable.
  • Afterwards, your skin may appear slightly pink and small bumps may appear around the hair follicle. This inflammatory response will vary depending on the density of the hair growth of the treatment area. These symptoms will dissipate within a few hours of treatment; you can expect to get on with your usual routines immediately.

How many treatment will I need?

In order to realize the full benefits of laser hair removal, a series of treatments is necessary. Generally these sessions are spaced 6-8 weeks apart. The number of treatments required and their their frequency will vary for each individual. No initial consultation is required–so if you’d like to get started right away, our medical aesthetician can assess your needs, recommend and plan and begin your treatment with your first appointment.

There’s no time like the present to win the battle over unwanted hair. Contact us to begin your laser hair removal journey today!



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