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Lip injections in Oakville.

Enhance and rejuvenate your smile with lip augmentation.

Valentine’s Day certainly inspires us to look our best, for a loved one and/or simply for ourselves. One of the simplest and most satisfying ways to do this is with a lip injection treatment. At Oakville Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skincare, helping you give your smile a little boost is one of our specialities.

Our approach to lip enhancement.

  • As a centre for plastic surgery, we are keenly aware of the fact that most of our features are not symmetrical. This extends to the lips. For instance, the upper lip may not be as full as the lower lip, or one side of the lip may deviate in its shape and size from the other side.
  • Beyond adding volume, the beauty of a lip injection treatment is the ability to correct these differences to create harmonious, balanced and flattering lips you love.
  • When lips appear over-treated, or the lip form and function is distorted, it brings attention to the fact that the lips have been filled. Working with an injector who has a deep understanding of the anatomical structure of the facial features ensures that the outcome will be uniform and natural-looking. Rest assured, you can expect this level of expertise from our dedicated injectors.

An additional bonus for beautiful lips.

Regular treatments will allow you to maintain lips you love–PLUS–research has shown that lip injections encourage new collagen synthesis for a natural firming effect.

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