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Ready for brilliant savings on your favourite treatments?

Exclusive loyalty rewards are waiting for you!

The undeniable glow you get from your favourite treatments is a reward in itself- but signing up for the Brilliant Distinctions program offers savings and rewards every time you book an appointment at Oakville Plastic Surgery!

Learn more about Brilliant Distinctions® below!

What is Brilliant Distinctions?

Our team loves the Brilliant Distinctions program because it is an exclusive program that lets you earn savings while you keep using the treatments you love- and trying new ones! This loyalty program rewards Canadian users of BOTOX COSMETIC®, Latisse®, Belkyra®, JUVÉDERM®, and CoolSculpting®.

Why would I sign up for Brilliant Distinctions?

This program is increasingly popular and for a good reason! Our patients love Brilliant Distinctions because they enjoy the idea of being rewarded every time they book a treatment. When you sign up, you can enjoy the benefits of the treatment and know that you’re gaining points and rewards at the same time.

How do Brilliant Distinctions points work?Oakville Plastic Surgery, Tear Trough Filler

Earn your way to amazing savings as you enjoy the benefits of treatments like BOTOX COSMETIC® (200 points), JUVÉDERM® Voluma (300+ points!) and LATISSE® (100 points). Every time you come in for a treatment, you’ll earn points.

What benefit does Brilliant Distinctions give me?

Every time you have a qualifying treatment, Brilliant Distinctions points will be added to your account. As you accrue points, you’ll be rewarded with exclusive savings on the qualifying aesthetic treatments you love.

It’s easy to sign up online, and our team can help you when you are in for your next treatment. We are so excited about the savings that BD points bring to our patients that we can help you set up your account while you are getting ready for your appointment. Make sure to chat with Cheryl or a member of our team the next time you are in.

Make sure to keep an eye out for our Brilliant Distinctions promotions!

Book an appointment with us today to refresh your appearance, renew your skin, and start earning rewards!

Loyalty is rewarded- with exclusive savings and beautiful skin. Absolutely Brilliant. 

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