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Surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques.

Just as our faces are unique in size, shape, colour and contour, so are our individual aging concerns. Environmental damage is a daily annoyance and our faces seem to bare the brunt of constant UV exposure and pollution. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how diligent we are with sun protection, skincare, diet and exercise, skin aging happens. At Oakville Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skincare, we are committed to helping our patients achieve their freshest face. We offer a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments to combat wrinkles, scars, lax skin, excess fat, uneven tone & texture and general skin aging on the face. Not sure if your facial concerns are treatable? Ask us about a professional consultation. We are happy to help you explore some options.

Non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments at Oakville Plastic Surgery.

Injectable treatments.

Neuromodulators| Neuromodulators, such as Dysport® and BOTOX COSMETIC® treatments, relax wrinkle-causing movements, yielding smoother skin. Neuromodulators can target and treat most facial lines including crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead lines and marionette lines. Although wrinkle reduction is a result of a BOTOX COSMETIC® treatment, wrinkle prevention is really the end goal. Regular treatments can help prevent deeper lines and wrinkles from forming – keeping your skin looking younger longer. Results of a neuromodulator treatment last an average of four to six months.

Dermal fillers| Fillers offer a natural solution to restoring lost facial volume. Dermal fillers (such as JUVÉDERM® and Restylane® treatments) plump the skin and promote a youthful and rested appearance. By targeting specific areas of the face, fillers not only ‘fill’ in wrinkles and impressions in the skin (such as hollows and scars), they also tighten and lift the surrounding skin. Treatments can last up to a year, after which, the filler is naturally metabolized by the body. Yearly follow-up treatments are recommended to maintain results.

Neuromodulators + Dermal fillers | By combining the effects of neuromodulators (BOTOX COSMETIC® treatment) and fillers (JUVÉDERM® and Restylane® treatments) fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet are instantly smoothed and softened without surgery. This facial rejuvenation powerhouse combo is behind many of Hollywood’s fresh faces. Ask us about it today.

SELPHYL®| This unique treatment uses your own blood to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and boost skin appearance. By extracting your very own platelet right plasma (PRP) and converting it into a gel-like platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM), SELPHYL® is able to rebuild the natural structures of the skin with unmatched purity and safety.

Laser & radio frequency treatments.

| Target uneven skin tone with a series of Fotofacials. Using radio frequency (RF) and intense pulse light (IPL) energy, this technology targets and treats pigment in the skin. Used to treat facial flushing, hyperpigmentation and some visible veins and vessels, Fotofacials are a safe and non-invasive way to treat the visible signs of sun damage and aging.

Thermage® | When it comes to skin tightening and contouring, some people want the dramatic results of surgery. Others want the more gradual, natural looking results of a non-invasive treatment with little to no downtime; that’s why they choose Thermage®. Thermage® helps improve skin tone, texture and tightness for a younger looking appearance—and it does so in one easy treatment. Stop in over your lunch hour for a Thermage® treatment and immediately return to work, family or other activities. It’s quick, effective and results reveal gradually: everyone will notice but no will know – that’s Thermage®.

At-home treatments.

LATISSE® treatment
| It’s amazing what a boost of the lashes can do for your entire face. If you’re looking for an easy at-home treatment option for refreshing and revitalizing your eyes, try boosting your lashes with a LATISSE® treatment. This simple at-home application helps your lashes grow fuller, darker and longer in just a few short weeks.

Skincare | Taking excellent care of your skin at home will not only stave off the aging process, it also boosts the efficacy of your in-office treatments. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary skincare consultation. Our medical aesthetician and resident skincare expert will thoroughly assess your skin and recommend a comprehensive regimen to fit your unique lifestyle and budget.

Looking for something more dramatic?

Surgical facial rejuvenation treatments at Oakville Plastic Surgery.

Eyelift Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
| Targeting just the eyes can have a dramatic impact on the rest of the face. By repositioning and/or removing the excess skin and adipose tissue as well as reinforcing the underlying muscle and tendon tissues around the eye, eyelifts can address puffy, drooping, saggy and tired-looking eyes.

Brow Lift (forehead lift) | As we age, deep lines form on our forehead and we can begin to appear sad, tired and even sometimes angry because of our low-lying brow. Correct drooping or sagging eyebrows as well as horizontal forehead wrinkles with a brow lift. By treating the tissues that cause the drooping and deep furrows, we are able to lift the brow and smooth deep forehead wrinkles.

Facelift | Taking it one step further, a facelift targets the loose skin on the face and neck giving your face a natural refreshed look. The most commonly addressed areas are the deep folds that develop along the chin and jaw line and excess skin and fat on the neck. Facelift surgery smoothes loose skin, tightens the deeper tissues and removes excess fat, giving your face a toned and more youthful appearance. It can be performed alone or in conjunction with an eye and/or brow lift.

There is no right age for a facelift; rather there are specific goals for different age groups and for each face. If you’re interested in pursuing your surgical treatment options for facial rejuvenation, we invite you to request a professional consultation with Dr. Nancy de Kleer, plastic surgeon. Dr. de Kleer will build a customized treatment plan by thoroughly discussing your facial concerns and desired outcomes. A one-time $100 surgical consultation fee may be applied towards your chosen surgical treatment. Non-surgical consultations are complimentary. Call (905) 901-9545 or email us today to request an appointment.

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